What our Customers say...

General Testimonials

James and Jason were great!

Very quick and prompt service. Very professional.

Showed up on time, did the job, cleaned up well.

I count Michael and his team as a member of my own team, setting the standard for service, dedication and professionalism through their tireless efforts to "get me home!"

We have used them for several years and they are one of the few companies that I use . When we give them a job order, I don't have to worry about it. They are very clear. If there is a project that won't work out they will let us know. We don't get a service charge unless they actually do the work.

Emily is knowledgeable and reliable. She and SERVPRO are great at what they do and I would highly recommend her for all damage mitigation and particularly for water-related damage.

As I read it "SERVPRO" highlights and promotes "Service Professional" which many companies claim is of premier importance to them. Michael, his family and his team practice and apply this daily through dedication to their craft and service to their customers.

There was some furniture damage they they have agreed to fix for me. Great team - Very Helpful

Continue what you're already doing - courtesy, prompt, open to questions, knowledgeable.

Bring Dog Bones (just kidding)

We have had a major water damage issue Jason and his crew have been unbelievable. As you know, this has been a dramatic time for us as home owners, and he has made the stress very bearable. I think when people do such a wonderful job, their employer needs to know

These guys (SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin ) are night and day compared to who the plumber brought in when they made the last mess

I wish you guys handled all of my claims, but corporate just doesn't want to hear that.

May you are good. You know how to handle difficult customers. I need to use you more often.

Property Manger Emailed this to use

"Our Sales agent said she walked the house on Sunday and it was AMAZING what you all can do. She couldn't believe the difference."