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Do Office Electronics Still Work After a Fire?

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can clean electronics after a fire

Do Office Electronics Remain Functional Following a Fire?

Electronics are some of the most expensive office equipment. Computers, appliances and other devices can drive up the cost of recovering from a fire, even if an electrical fire was not the cause of damage. If electronics have been affected by fire in a building in Austin,TX, here are some ways to safely determine the most cost-effective approach to repair or replacement.

Have Electronics Tested Off-Site
One of the best safety decisions that a commercial building or business owner can make following a fire is to have trained experts test potentially damaged electronics at an offsite location. All of the following factors increase overheating and short-circuiting risks:

  • High heat
  • Smoke
  • Soot
  • Water

Damaged electronics could spark an electrical fire. Electronics and computer cleanup specialists have access to a clean room and dedicated equipment.

Pursue Cleaning or Replacement
Based on the recommendations of fire restoration experts, business owners can have electronics cleaned or replaced. In some cases, purchasing new equipment or devices may be more reliable and cost-effective than restoring electronics. Make sure that commercial property insurance covers the full replacement value and not actual cash value.

Complete the Commercial Restoration Process
An office cannot resume operations until fire and smoke damage to the affected location have been fully restored. Even after you know which electronics can be salvaged, any appliances, computers or other devices that have been recovered, tested and cleaned should be stored off-site until cleanup and restoration are complete at the original location.
Fire cleanup costs can be considerable, whether an electrical fire or a blaze due to any other cause has affected a commercial building in Austin, TX. A commercial property insurance policyholder can take measures to plan ahead and minimize out-of-pocket expenses by making sure that replacement costs are covered, not just actual cash value. Complete coverage makes it possible to spend less replacing ruined devices.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Fires

4/24/2022 (Permalink)

Fire drills should include steps for rescuing pets.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Event Of A Fire

A fire emergency in your home is a frightening experience. When this happens, the last thing you want to worry about is whether Fido and Fluffy are okay. Even if services from a residential fire restoration company become necessary, the expense and inconvenience of building repairs are minor compared to the heartache of losing a family pet. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your cuddly critters remain protected from flames.

Firefighters and Pets

Easing the job of firefighters is one way to increase pet safety. Improve their ability to rescue furry friends by:

  • Enclosing pets near main entrances when possible
  • Keeping leashes nearby and collars on them
  • Placing information about your pets inside a front window

The easier you make a life for those responding to a fire emergency in Northwest Hills, TX, the greater the likelihood your fur babies will escape unharmed.

Fire Prevention and Pets

Having animals in your home requires taking safety measures beyond those required of homeowners without furry companions. Good pet preparation mandates that you put all your four-legged friends’ paperwork into one, easily accessible spot. This increases your ability to escape fires with essential documentation in hand.

Fire drills should include steps for rescuing pets. Assign family members to specific animals. Choose the individual most likely to be near each one in the event a fire breaks out when people are home.
Take measures to prevent dogs and cats from starting fires. This is especially important for younger pets. Confine them to limited spaces with baby gates or place them in crates while away.

Remove stove knobs so that curious noses do not accidentally turn on burners. If you enjoy candles, consider investing in a flameless alternative.
A household fire emergency is a frightening proposition, made worse by the fear that your pets’ lives may be in danger. Use these recommendations to help keep fur babies safe and secure.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing: What You Need To Know

3/19/2022 (Permalink)

It is important to schedule and tests your fire sprinklers.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Testing

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your employees and your customers to keep them safe in the event of a fire or other disaster. Though you cannot prevent disaster from occurring, you can mitigate injuries and loss with the aid of a properly working fire sprinkler system. To ensure your fire suppression system is working properly, you should perform routine inspections and tests.

How Often Should You Inspect Your System?

Because there are various components of your sprinkler system, you should abide by an inspection schedule. The National Fire Protection Association provides a simple guide you can use when examining your sprinkler components:

Weekly or Monthly: Inspect the gauges in the deluge, pre-action and dry systems once a week. Gauges on the wet system can undergo inspections once a month.

Quarterly: You should inspect the alarms on a quarterly basis. Alarms include the valve supervisory alarms, water flow alarms, control valves, supervisory signals and hydraulic nameplates.

Annually: On an annual basis, examine the pipes, fittings, hanger/seismic bracing and information signage. You should inspect the backup fire sprinkler system once a year as well.

Every Five Years: An internal inspection of your sprinkler system is only necessary once every five years.

How Often Should You Perform Sprinkler Tests?
In addition to performing routine inspections, you should also test the various components of your fire suppression system. Below is a testing schedule by which you should abide:

Quarterly: To ensure your devices are ready to work in the event of a fire, you should test all the mechanical devices on your system on a quarterly basis.

Semiannually: On a semiannual basis, you should test the pressure switch and vane devices.
Annually: You should perform a thorough test on an annual basis. This should be a complete systems test, and your maintenance technician should perform physical examinations of all components of your system.

Every Five Years: If your system is exposed to extremely high temperatures and harsh conditions, you should inspect or replace all gauges on your system every five years.

For more information regarding fire sprinkler testing and maintenance, consult with your local fire unit. For fire sprinkler cleanup, contact your Tarrytown, TX fire damage remediation team.

How To Compensate for Lost Revenue

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Business owners should consider obtaining an interruption insurance rider in addition to a commercial property insurance policy.

How To Compensate for Lost Revenue

A fire can prevent a business from operating for days or weeks. This interruption can be ruinous without interruption coverage. Business owners should consider obtaining an interruption insurance rider in addition to a commercial property insurance policy. Find out how business interruption coverage can offset revenue loss due to fire damage at a commercial structure in Austin, TX.

Cover Continued Expenses

An interruption policy can cover expenses that continue while a business is closed for damage mitigation and restoration. These expenses may include:

  • Rent
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Utilities

Factor in these costs when determining the amount of interruption insurance coverage. It is also important to calculate the average daily income of a business. These figures and the overall risk level will determine policy premiums.

Cover Lost Business

The sooner restoration starts, the sooner a business will be able to reopen. Interruption coverage can make up for revenue loss during this process. If a business can operate out of a portion of the damaged structure or a temporary location, it may not be necessary to rely on an interruption policy.

Cover Temporary Relocation

Interruption coverage may take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to start. Business owners should determine whether a primary commercial insurance policy or this rider will cover the costs of temporary relocation. A claim that only relies on this coverage for the purposes of relocation is likely to be much lower than a claim for the full cleanup and restoration period.

According to the National Fire Protection Program, fires cost over $300 billion every year. Business owners can limit losses due to disasters with interruption insurance. It is a good idea to develop a business continuity plan and to try to lower the length and overall cost of business interruption coverage. This can be achieved by hiring fire restoration professionals and finding another way to operate during this process.

5 Steps for Constructing Your Company’s Emergency Plan

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

Make sure everyone s aware of the details of your evacuation plan.

5 Steps to Creating an Emergency Plan for Your Business

It’s a wise decision for a company in North Loop, TX, to have a contingency plan in place in case of a fire. Not only can such plans help protect your employees, but after a disaster, they can help you get the cleanup process underway.

1. Know Where the Most Likely Ignition Points Are

Knowing ahead of time what areas might be the most likely sources for a fire allows you to plan accordingly. These might be places to ensure there is a fire extinguisher handy.

2. Map Escape Routes to Multiple Exits

An important part of an evacuation plan is knowing where the building exits are as well as knowing the quickest way out from any point of the building. You will want to plan at least two exit routes from each location in the event one is blocked by fire or debris.

3. Plan a Safe Meeting Point Outside

Another important aspect of a contingency plan is a safe place for your staff to meet outside the building. Gathering together will allow you to account for everyone after a fire.

4. Ensure Every Employee Is Aware of the Plan

One of the most important parts of an evacuation plan is to make sure everyone is aware of the details. You may want to post the plan in the breakroom as well as include a copy in your employee handbook.

5. Know Who to Call for Cleanup

Cleaning up after a fire can seem like a daunting task. You may want to prepare ahead of time and include the number of a fire damage restoration service in your plan.

With a contingency plan in place for your business in North Loop, TX, you and your employees can know what to do in the event of a fire. Your plan should outline where the exits are, the fastest route to each one, and include a meeting place outside.

Grilling Safety Tips Every Grill Master Needs To Know

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

Unattended grills are the most dangerous grills.

Prevent a Grill Fire

You may have years of grilling experience under your belt, and your friends might all refer to you as the grill master, but are your grilling techniques really safe? Most peoples' aren't. A grill fire can occur instantly and for seemingly no reason, but there is always a reason. Some of the most common reasons for a barbeque fire include the following:

  • Failure to clean a barbeque
  • Placing the grill too close to something that can catch fire or indoors
  • Leaving the grill unmanned

You can avoid grill fires and subsequent smoke damage by applying a few key safety measures.

Clean Your Grill Before Every Use

While you don't need to use dish soap and a sponge to clean your grill, you should use a scraper to scrape away old food debris, left over debris and other possible flammable contaminants. The bonus of taking this step is that you also scrape away leftover bad bacteria from raw meat.

Keep Your Grill Outdoors and Out in the Open

One common cause of grill fire incidences is that the grills are being used indoors or under an overhang. People place their grills in such areas so that they can grill year-round or grill out of the heat. While the idea is innocent enough, fulfillment of the idea is dangerous. Grills need to be out in the open and have nothing above them that flames can catch onto.

Attend the Grill at All Times

Unattended grills are the most dangerous grills. If a barbeque fire does happen and you're there to catch it, you can put it out before it causes too much damage. However, if you're not around, the fire can grow out of control and quickly. Also, if you're not around, there is no telling who or what might accidentally bump the grill and cause hot charcoal to spill out, or worse, the grill to tip over.

You can prevent a grill fire by grilling in a safe and controlled manner. Clean your grill, grill in a safe place and man the grill at all times. If something does occur, contact your Rosedale, TX, fire damage cleanup team ASAP.

5 Tips To Prevent Space Heater Fires

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke alarms should be installed near every bedroom and on every floor of your home.

Prevent Space Heater Fires

Space heaters are a great way to keep your home warm during cold winter months. However, incorrect use can lead to a burned space heater that causes fire and smoke damage. Here are some tips to keep your Rosedale, TX, home safe and warm despite frosty temps.

1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

It may seem obvious, but the best place to start is by reading the manufacturer’s instructions—and following them. If your heater requires fuel, only use those that are manufacturer-recommended. Keep filters clean. Take a close look at warning labels.

2. Keep Some Distance

One of the leading causes of heater fires is proximity to flammable materials. Be sure to keep heaters at least 3 feet away from curtains, clothing and furniture. Don’t place them on rugs or carpet.
In addition, keep the heater clear of any walking paths or high-traffic areas in your home. This will help eliminate any tripping hazards and prevent anyone from knocking it over or brushing up against it.

3. Plug It Directly Into the Wall

Extension cords and power strips should not be used. To help avoid overheating, always plug the appliance directly into the wall outlet, and don’t run the cord under carpets or rugs. It is wise to inspect the cord for damage before each use.

4. Turn It Off

Always unplug and turn a heater off before you go to sleep or leave home. Space heaters should never be left unattended.

5. Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be installed near every bedroom and on every floor of your home. Make sure they work by testing them monthly. In the unfortunate event of a burned space heater, an alarm can help ensure that smoke cleanup is your biggest concern.

Space heaters are excellent appliances for keeping small spaces warm when it’s cold outside, but before you use one in your Rosedale, TX, home, safety should always come first. Remembering important safety tips will help you avoid a burned space heater and protect your life and home.

Lightning Strikes and How They Can Affect Your Home

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

One of the best ways to prevent a lightning fire is to invest in a professionally installed protection system.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House?

Lightning is beautiful to watch unless it’s striking close by. Not only does the thunder boom loudly around you, but there is potential that your house could be damaged if struck. Atmospheric electricity can significantly damage your home, and it is likely that the electrical surge can start a fire. To prevent a lightning fire in Austin,TX here is an informational blog that can equip you with the right knowledge to act.

What Happens When a Bolt Strikes a House?

Lightning wants to touch the ground, so the bolt will find the path of least resistance to get there. When a bolt contacts a house, it can go through electrical lines, water pipes, phone lines, metal window frames, and anything that can conduct electricity. There are three main dangers you should be aware of when a thunderbolt strikes:

  • A house fire
  • Shock wave damage
  • Power surge damage

The explosive power of a bolt can cause a lot of damage, which is why it’s important to protect your home from this type of harm.

How Can You Prevent a House Fire?

One of the best ways to prevent a lightning fire is to invest in a professionally installed protection system. Electrical rods help direct the surge of power toward the ground and away from the building. However, to stay even safer during a thunderstorm, avoid using water when atmospheric surges are near. You can also unplug any electronics to help avoid any dangerous surges of power from destroying your gadgets and entertainment systems.

Thunderstorms can be dangerous if a bolt strikes your house. However, there are many precautions that can be taken. Keep in mind that the cost of lightning fire damage cleanup has increased because of the growing number of electronics in each household. Turn off your water, and unplug your TVs and computers to minimize harm and risk during a lightning storm.

How Does Smoke Impact Electronics?

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

The best thing to do is to keep backups of all your most important files.

How Does Smoke Impact Electronics?

Electronics are extremely delicate items. As part of the fire cleanup efforts, you need to make sure the professionals have a chance to look at any electronics that could have been impacted by the flames. Smoke damage can make electrical devices no longer work, causing you to lose valuable data. Although it is impossible to guarantee every device can be saved, it is important to at least try.

1. Damage

When soot covers your electronics, they become more prone to overheating. Additionally, further damage occurs when the soot actually gets inside the devices. Soot causes a black film to develop over all of the heat-producing components. Soot is also highly acidic. Acid can destroy metal and cause many metal parts to disintegrate or discolor over time.

2. Restoration

You should not attempt to turn on any devices until a professional has a chance to look at it. You may end up doing more harm than good, and it is dangerous to deal with acidic soot without the proper safety precautions. As part of the cleanup process, experts will remove the batteries from all devices, because they can combust from excessive heat.

3. Prevention

The best thing to do is to keep backups of all your most important files. When professionals attempt to salvage a computer, the thing they are really doing is trying to salvage the hard drive. Keeping backups is a good idea for any kind of disaster, not just fire cleanup. From flooding to storm damage, keeping backups in a secure location will provide you with peace of mind.

Even if you manage to keep all the data secure, it is still costly to have to replace the actual units. Your insurance in Cedar Creek, TX, may cover some of the cost, but it is a hassle to get a completely new computer, television or another electric unit. Do not allow smoke damage to upend your life when effective fire cleanup is available.

3 Tips for Removing Cigarette Odor from Your Home

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Tarrytown, TX.

Implement The Following Tips

Has your home in Tarrytown, TX, suffered a cigarette fire? Besides the damages, getting the smell of smoke out is a nightmare. There are some tips that aid in this process.

1. Charcoal and White Vinegar
This method is by far the cheapest of many options as both charcoal and white vinegar are easy to come by from your local grocery or hardware store. By keeping open containers of either charcoal or white vinegar in your home, the cigarette smell is slowly absorbed out of the air. Keep in mind that this method only works for milder pockets of odor, so you might need something more heavy-duty if you've suffered a large ashtray fire.

2. Air Filters
If the solution above isn't as fast or as effective as you require, you might try an air filter. Since you're dealing with a very complex pollutant composed of many particles and gases of varying sizes, your best option is a HEPA filter. There are different ratings of filters based on what size particle you want to filter. Each filter is rated on a scale of 1 to 20 called a MERV rating. This tells you what size particle a filter effectively removes from the air. The higher the rating, the smaller particles it is capable of filtering. With a cigarette fire or odor, you should use a filter with a MERV rating of 18 or higher.

3. Contact a Professional
If these DIY tips aren't solving your issue, it's time to contact a fire cleanup and odor removal specialist. These experts come with equipment that's designed exactly for this job, and they know how to use it with efficiency. One piece of tech many pros use is a hydroxyl generator. This device produces a harmless charged variant of water particles to break up odor molecules. This helps deal with the smell, and more advanced filters are used to deal with the pollutants.
Don't suffer from a lingering cigarette fire odor. Implement these tips and breathe easier.

Keeping Your Pet Fire Safe

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

Prepare your pet for a fire emergency

Keeping Your Pet Fire Safe

Your pets are a part of your family, and as such, it’s only natural that you’d want to protect them in the event a fire occurs in your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Austin, TX fail to include their dog, cat, or other pet in their family fire emergency plan, leading to heartbreaking outcomes. However, by preparing your pet for fire emergencies early on, you can keep your furry friend safe from harm. These extra precautions are sometimes as simple as:

  • Taking a few common fire prevention precautions
  • Training your pet to respond to your voice
  • Setting up a proper safe space for your pet while you’re away.

Reducing Fire Hazards

It’s estimated that unattended pets are responsible for almost 1,000 house fires annually. Ensure that you’re not leaving any open flames, such as candles, unattended, remove your stove’s knobs while you’re away so they can’t be turned by curious paws, and consider securing your pet in a safe place while you’re not around to supervise them.

Prepare for Disasters

If a fire does start on your lot, you and your pet both need to be prepared. First, ensure that you have fire emergency supplies such as food and medication for your pet on hand. Pet preparation can also be made just a bit easier if you take the time to teach your pet to come running when they hear you call their name.

When You’re Not Home

Fires happen when you least expect them, including when you’re not at home. That’s why you need to make it easy for rescue services to help your pet if this situation does arise. Keep your pet on a collar, keep a leash nearby and secure them somewhere near the door while you’re away. Furthermore, keep your vaccination and pet ownership records in a fire box.

Preparing your pet for a fire emergency can take a bit of time and patience, but in the end, it’s well worth it if it means keeping your companion safe.

Protect Your Hotel With These Fire Prevention Tactics

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

A hotel fire can be devastating for your business

Prevent A Fire Before They Become A Problem

A hotel fire can be devastating for your business. It endangers guests and staff, causes expensive damage, and ruins your reputation within the Northwest Hills, TX, community. These consequences are why it is important to not just combat fires but also prevent them. The following practices can help you stop fires before they become a problem.

Create a Risk Assessment Plan
Just as you would make an emergency plan to respond to an ongoing fire, you should also work on a prevention plan. The biggest part of prevention is risk assessment, which is carried out through the following steps:

  • Detect hazards such as malfunctioning appliances and flammable objects
  • List the most vulnerable people
  • Apply different prevention methods
  • Record the results
  • Continue tests and updates

The more risks you detect and neutralize, the more you will reduce the chances of a fire. Keep your guests and workers safe with proper planning.

Train Staff and Assign Roles
A fire prevention plan is only effective when your staff knows how to execute it. Your employees should know how to find potential hazards and report them, as well as proper housekeeping and repair techniques that can prevent a hotel fire. They should also know other basics such as alarm operation, evacuation routes, and contact information for firefighters and fire restoration services. Appoint some of your safety-trained employees as fire wardens who can lead the guests during a fire.

Maintain Equipment as Necessary
Your hotel has plenty of electrical and mechanical equipment that serves multiple purposes. Unfortunately, it can also malfunction and create a fire. This possibility is why your staff should always maintain the facility's devices in a timely manner. Keep records of these procedures to know when the next service is due. Maintenance and repairs should also be prioritized on emergency exit doors, fire alarms, and extinguishers.
As someone in the hospitality industry, it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe from dangers like a hotel fire. Take the initiative in preventing fires to accomplish this goal and ensure your facility's success.

How To Get Rid of Smoke Odor

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

A thermal fogger can help you get rid of smoke odor in your home

Ways Technicians Get Rid Of Smoke Odor

There is more to restoration after a fire than just repairing or replacing damaged materials and items. You also have to deal with the intense odor smoke leaves behind. Smoke cleaning is an integral part of fire damage mitigation services, and there are several ways that technicians in North Loop, TX, can address the problem.

Air Filtration Device
The experts who mitigate the smoke damage to your walls and flooring also must clean the air in your home before the restoration process is finished. They may start with an industrial air filtration device with three common features:

  • HEPA filter
  • Activated charcoal carbon filter
  • Tar-blocking pre-filter

The technicians may set up and turn on the air filtration system while they work, but it is more likely to be used in the later stages of the process, particularly after cleanup has occurred.

Ozone Machine
Do you enjoy the smell of the air after it rains? That smell is due to the creation of ozone particles in the air. Ozone can also purify the air in your home. To use an ozone machine for smoke cleaning, technicians will seal off your home and activate the equipment. When ozone particles are created, they attach to smoke particles in the air and neutralize them. After all the ozone is clear, the air will be clear, too.

Thermal Fogger
You may have heard the sentiment that you need to fight fire with fire. This is essentially what a thermal fogger does. It recreates the same type of environment that is present during a fire. The heat generated by the fogger allows its cleaning chemicals to get into all the same spaces the smoke is located to get rid of smoke odor.
There are several methods technicians use during the smoke cleaning process. The restoration process not only includes surfaces and materials but also improving the air quality in your home.

3 Actions That May Be Necessary After a Fire at Your Business

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

Call a restoration company in Leander, TX

3 Actions That May Be Necessary After a Fire at Your Business

When a fire impacts your Leander, TX, business, the aftermath can be difficult to endure. Smoke damage, standing water from fire hoses, and charred building materials may make cleanup feel overwhelming. While the process can be daunting, there are a few actions you can take that may put you and your business on the path to recovery.

1. Call a Restoration Service
Soot damage to your inventory, office equipment, and carpeting can be difficult to remove with everyday cleansers, so calling in a mitigation and restoration service to assist you may be an effective first step after a fire at your business. Cleaning technicians may take some information over the phone, including the size of the fire, how many floors were damaged, and whether you need restoration services for documents that were affected by soot and water.

2. Secure the Property
If a fire damaged doors and windows, you may want to board up open entryways to discourage further issues like theft and poor weather conditions, including wind and rain. Consider moving undamaged inventory and equipment to a secure location for storage until these problems are repaired and to protect them from smoke damage.

3. Meet With Cleanup Technicians
Once your smoke cleaning and restoration technicians arrive, they will likely survey the entire property and give you service options that may include the removal and replacement of damaged carpeting and other building materials, the removal of smoke odors and soot cleaning and water cleanup. Your technicians may also offer you a walkthrough of the restoration process and estimates so you can plan a repair budget before you reopen your business.
Smoke damage and other issues caused by a fire at your Leander, TX, business can be difficult to remove on your own, especially if the fire affected a large area of the property. Working with a professional cleanup company and knowing which steps to take in the aftermath of a fire may help you get back on your feet quickly.

How To Keep Your Smoke Alarms in Shape

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Remember to change batteries on a yearly basis

Learn How And When To Change Your Alarm

Smoke alarms are a cornerstone of home safety. When alarms need attention, they produce an annoying beep. It's crucial to pay attention to this signal and keep your fire alarms in good working condition. If the alarms in your Bastrop, TX, home are beeping, learn about how and when to change them below.

Changing Smoke Alarm Batteries
Smoke alarms come in many styles, so it's always best to follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you can't access these, don't panic. Most conventional smoke detectors operate in similar ways, so the method for changing a battery will be the same. Here are the basics for changing a battery and ending that piercing chirp and preventing fire damage:

  1. Remove the cover. Depending on the model, you may have to twist, hinge, or lift the alarm's cover to remove it. The main parts inside the alarm are the sensing chamber, a horn, and a battery.
  2. Replace the battery. To do this, you have to unclip the old battery and insert a new 9-volt battery in its place. Be sure to align the battery terminals correctly.
  3. Close the cover. Return the alarm cover to its locked position by snapping it shut or locking it back into its base.
  4. Test it. Find the test button on the detector and push it to ensure the battery works. The detector should beep or chirp when the button is pressed.

Timing Battery Changes
By proactively replacing your fire alarm batteries, you can avoid the bothersome beeps as well as prevent the more devastating event of a fire and ensuing smoke damage. Batteries in most detectors last about 6 months, so changing them twice yearly keeps you ahead of the issue. A helpful tip is to change them on the weekends when we switch between daylight savings and standard time. If you have a lithium battery smoke detector, you will have to replace the entire unit every 10 years.
All smoke detectors contain batteries and you should listen when they start beeping. Take care of your home's safety and regularly change your fire alarm batteries.

What Damages Are Covered by Renters Insurance

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

Renters insurance is all about cushioning tenants from surprise expenses

Know What Your Policy Covers

Renters insurance is all about cushioning tenants from surprise expenses. It comes in several flavors, with each dealing with fire incidents differently. For this reason, it is essential to know what your policy covers.
Most renters insurance packages in Cedar Creek, TX cover the following situations:

  1. Personal property damage or theft
  2. Medical Payments to others
  3. Loss of use

Personal Property
Most policies cover the cost of repairing or replacing your stuff after fire damage - up to the limit of your coverage. However, some of them will offer actual cash value that will only compensate for the current price of your stuff. For example, If your TV is destroyed in a fire, you should get an exact amount to buy a new set of the same model with the first option. The second scenario will get you the depreciated market value of your old device.

Medical Payments to Others
In the unfortunate event of a fire, any third party who sustains injuries can file a compensation claim and win easily. For instance, if a delivery person breaks a wrist while evacuating your burning house, they could sue you for damages. This policy should cover all the medical expenses, allowing you to concentrate on the intricate fire restoration process.

Loss of Use
A fire usually leaves an inhabitable house when it finally dies down. Therefore, you will need to find emergency shelter for the next few days, and your renters policy should step in to pay the hotel bill. Still, it's important to discuss your limits with an agent to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Most people overlook the importance of renters insurance when they really shouldn't. The last thing you want is to cover someone else's medical bill while trying to recover from a house fire. So, you can think of it as the one thing that will protect your wallet from surprise expenses.

Grilling Safety 101

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Grill fires sometimes start because grease and other types of buildup have been left to sit on the grill’s trays and surface.

If you are a grilling enthusiast, the risk of starting a grill fire may have crossed your mind once or twice. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure better security while barbequing outside in Cedar Creek,TX. You just need to learn what those steps are. Here are 3 safety tips to keep in mind when cooking with your propane or charcoal grill.

1. Grill Placement Is Important

Never place your grill too close to your house. Keeping it away from hanging branches, rails and eaves is also a very good idea. The main thing to remember is that you want to keep as many flammable objects and surfaces as far away from the grill as possible to avoid a far-reaching barbeque fire that could cause extensive damage.

2. Clean Your Grill

Clean your barbeque on a regular basis to lessen your chances of starting such a fire. You will likely be pleased to have a cleaner piece of equipment, as well.

3. Stay by the Grill

A lit barbeque should never be left unattended. Stay very close to it during the entire time that you are cooking. You also need to make sure that no children or animals come near it at any time, as they will be unable to prevent an incident and may even cause one. Any time you are not watching your grill, a fire and subsequent smoke damage can occur.

Now that you have some ideas about how you can keep your home and family safer while grilling, you can cook some barbeque favorites with an easier mind. A grill fire is not fun, but taking the right precautions allows you to avoid many disastrous accidents outside of your Cedar Creek,TX, home.

The Basics of Preparing a Fire Escape Plan

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

prepare your family with an evacuation plan incase of an emergency

A fire escape plan is often cited as one of the critical components of disaster preparation, but how many families actually create one? If a family hasn't created such an evacuation plan, is it because of avoidance or a lack of understanding? Some families just don't understand what a plan should include. Therefore, to help make the creation of your family escape plan easier, you should include four elements.

Multiple Exits
Clutter-Free Paths
Meet up Location

Multiple Exits

An emergency escape plan is all about the accessibility of exits. Therefore, when you design your fire escape routes, make sure that each room has at least two possible exits. For example, a bedroom has a window and a door. Make sure there are emergency ladders installed for bedrooms on upper levels.

Clutter-Free Paths

Next, your fire escape plan needs to include clutter-free paths. Therefore, you need to make sure that designated exits and the routes to those exits are free of bulky furniture or other items that would slow down an escape.

Meet up Location

Every escape plan needs to include a meet up location somewhere outside of the home in a safe place. These locations should be easy to find, allowing a family to ensure that each member is accounted for when emergency services arrive.


Last, you should have a schedule for practicing your plan, making sure that each family member understands all the routes and exit points. If you are having trouble determining those exit points and routes, you can contact a fire remediation company or local fire department in Austin, TX, to help you design a plan that works for your home and family.

A fire escape plan is a necessary part of disaster preparation, and it can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Make sure that your escape plan details multiple exits with clutter-free routes and a designated meet up location.

How To Keep Your Grill Clean and Avoid a Grease Fire

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

Grill Cleaning for just a few minutes after eating could save you from a major disaster

Sometimes there is nothing better than barbecue fresh off the grill; however, those juicy burgers could be a potential fire hazard. As the grease drips down through the grates, it accumulates around the burners and in the drawer. If it remains and heats up, a fire could occur. Grill Cleaning could help avoid this situation. Take a few minutes after enjoying your meal to wash and scrub the grates and parts. Need help? Here are some tips to make the process easy and efficient.

Gather Materials

Before you start wiping away, take a few minutes to organize yourself and your grill maintenance necessities. You'll want to have the following items on hand.

  • bowl or bucket
  • dish soap
  • grill brush
  • gloves

Take Pieces Out

Grill Cleaning can be a simple process. With everything on hand, you can get to work. Make sure the grill is turned off. In fact, disconnect the propane tank. You can never be too careful. Fill a bucket with warm soapy water. Then, while wearing gloves, remove the grates and plates. Place them into the bucket and allow them to soak.

Scrub It

While those pieces are immersed, grab your grill brush and start giving the hood and walls a good cleaning. Don't be intimidated by the flakes falling off. That's not paint or lost coating. It's grease and smoke that has settled into the area.

De-Grease It

You definitely want to empty the drip pan. Take it out and dispose of the oil in the trash. Grease can clog drains, so don't place it in the sink. Then, immerse the pan in the bucket's soapy water.

Reassemble It

With all parts now clean, put the pieces back together.

Seek Help Immediately

Grease fire is dangerous. If one starts, call 911, leave the area, and allow the firemen to extinguish the flames. Property can be replaced, but you cannot. Contact a fire restoration crew in Bastrop,TX, to help with the remediation.
Grill Cleaning for just a few minutes after eating could save you from a major disaster. Enjoy your food, and then clean up.

5 Tips for Utilizing Smoke Alarms

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Test that the smoke alarm is working properly

5 Tips for Utilizing Smoke Alarms

Having a properly installed smoke alarm in your Bastrop,TX, home is an important home safety step for anyone. This tools can help warn you of smoke and fire in the home allowing you time to take appropriate action. Here are a few things you may want to know.

1. Replace Batteries Regularly

One of the first things to remember is to regularly check the batteries in your alarm unit. Most experts recommend replacing them one a year.

2. Have More Than One

The number of units in your home should reflect the size and shape of the house. Experts recommend placing a smoke detector both inside and outside each bedroom, and in areas for fire risk such as a kitchen.

3. Test Functionality

It’s also important to test that the smoke alarm is working properly. Many alarms have a test button that will allow you to temporarily hear the sound you can expect the unit to emit if everything is working properly. If the unit does not seem to be functioning you may want to check the batteries.

4. Know When to Replace Them

Units may vary in their lifespan but most last for about 10 years. If your smoke detector is older than that, or appears to be in poor repair you may want to get a new one.

5. Be Ready To Act

An alarm isn’t much use if you don’t know how to react when you hear it. Be sure to have an emergency plan in place and that everyone in your home knows what it is. Remember, a fire damage restoration service can repair your home, so ensure your family is safe first.
When it comes to maintaining a smoke alarm in your home it’s important to check the batteries regularly to insure functionality, replace the unit when needed, have enough for your home’s size, and know what to do when an alarm goes off. These tools can help buy the time you need to act safely if a fire does occur.

What To Do With Fire Damaged Electronics

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A professional can restore your electronics

After an electrical fire at a Hyde Park,TX, business, one may be wondering what to do with any damaged electronics. In this situation there are several important things to know.

Several Types of Damage Can Occur

During a fire several types of damage to your electronics may occur. These may include

  • Heat that can melt plastic or copper components
  • Smoke damage can leave a black film inside the electronics
  • The acidic nature of soot can deteriorate electronic components and shorten life span
  • Magnetic charge in smoke can short-circuit some electronic components

A Professional Should Be Called

After an electrical fire, you may want to contact a fire damage restoration service to handle any of your cleanup needs. These professionals cannot only work on your business property, but they may be able to restore your electronics as well. The exact methods used will vary depending on the nature of the electronics and the type of damage they have suffered. Fortunately, a professional service will have the tools and knowledge needed do so safely and efficiently.

There Are a Few Ways You Can Help

If you think a computer cleanup could become necessary at your place of business for any reason there are a few steps you can take to help mitigate potential damage. One of the easiest is to backup any data stored on your computers. This may include having a server set up that could be used to restore hard drives, storing information in the cloud where it can be re-downloaded, or keeping backup files at an alternate location. Doing so will allow you know that your company information is safe even if any memory components need to be replaced.

After an electrical fire several types of damage can occur to your electronics. Knowing what type of damage is present, and what type of electronics you are dealing with can help determine the proper restoration methods to use. Fortunately, there are many professionals who can help. You may also want to consider using a backup drive or server to help prevent any information lost during the worst case scenario.

How To Clean Your Dryer’s Exhaust

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Every time you dry a load of laundry, you must clean the lint screen

Three Areas of Your Dryer That Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

Washers and dryers are convenient to have in your home in Bastrop, TX, but your dryer can also pose a lint fire risk if you do not clean it often enough. Lint is highly combustible, and your clothing sheds a lot of lint during the drying cycle. There are three areas of your dryer that need to be cleaned regularly.

Lint Screen

Every time you dry a load of laundry, you must clean the lint screen. There are three ways you can do this:

  • With your hands
  • With a brush
  • With the hose attachment on your vacuum

Remove all the lint from the screen before putting it back in the machine. Fire damage cleanup specialists also recommend that you vacuum out the area that holds the screen and wash the screen with mild, soapy water to remove residue left by dryer sheets every few weeks.

Dryer Cavity

A lint fire can be started by debris within the dryer itself. Every six months, vacuum out the inside of your dryer. To do this, you must first unplug the dryer. Then remove the back panel with a screwdriver. Using the hose attachment, clean every bit of lint you see out of the dryer’s cavity. This can help you avoid a dryer fire and subsequent fire cleanup.

Exhaust Hose

The exterior part of your dryer’s exhaust is the hose that connects it to the wall and the area that exhausts it to the outside. It is a good idea to make sure these areas are lint-free every six months in order to avoid fire damage to your home. Detach the hose from your dryer and vacuum it out. Use a vent cleaning rod with a brush attachment to clean out your wall. Make sure the exhaust hose is clamped to the wall output and to your dryer before using it again.

Cleaning the lint screen every time you use it is only one part of avoiding a lint fire. If you are uncomfortable doing the deep cleaning yourself, you can hire a professional to perform the service.

3 Ways to Know How Many Fire Alarms You Need

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Smoke detectors are very common and effective

Most homeowners know that a smoke detector and a fire alarm are mainstays of keeping your home safe from disaster, but knowing how many you should have to be safe is another issue entirely. Is one per room enough? Read on to get pointers on how to protect your Bastrop,TX , home from fire damage with the proper number of alarms.

Types of Fire Detectors and Alarms

It may come as a surprise, but every sensor is not the same. The main options for protecting your home from fire include:

  • Heat detectors, which include an element activated when a fixed temperature is reached
  •  Smoke alarms, which work by using special technology that reacts to the ions in high levels of smoke

Smoke detectors are among the most common and effective residential fire protection devices, but they’re only useful if they’re applied properly.

How Many Rooms Do You Have?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should have smoke alarms in every room, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. For a two-story, three-bedroom house, that means you’ll need at least five to be safe.

How Big Is Your Home?

On average, a smoke detector will cover about 900 square feet. Additionally, experts advise installing a fire alarm every 30 feet in straight runs, meaning a hallway or large, unobstructed room. Some states have specific requirements, so it’s worth it to do your research in addition to using this rule of thumb.

Don’t Forget the Basement

While it’s often an afterthought, especially if it’s unfinished, the basement of your home is just as susceptible to fire and smoke damage as any other room. Make sure your fire protection plan includes installing devices here.

Fortunately, a simple fire alarm is affordable and readily available, but you must know how to use one for it to work. Follow the above rules of thumb from fire damage experts to keep your home safe and secure.

How To Prevent Space Heater Fires

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Space heaters in a Bastrop,TX home can make your home cozy in cold months

Space heaters can make your home cozy during cold months, but a burned space heater in your home in Bastrop,TX, causes more problems than it solves. In order to reap the benefits and skip the dangers, it’s important to take the appropriate safety precautions when you use your heater.

Establish a 3-Foot Radius

Your portable heater needs a lot of space. The cord is long, and it is designed that way so that you can keep the device at least three feet from the wall. It needs to be placed on the floor on a level area with nothing around it. Everyone and everything should give it a wide berth, including:

  • Children
  • Pets
  • Furniture

If you leave space around your heater, you are less likely to start a fire.

Turn It Off When Unattended

You may be tempted to leave your heater on overnight while you sleep, but this can cause problems. You can end up with a burned space heater if a pet knocks it over when walking through the room. Many space heaters come with an automatic shut-off feature, and this can help reduce the risk of fire. If you are not present and alert, your space heater should be off.

Change Filters Regularly

Just like with any appliance that requires a filter, the air filter on your space heater needs to be changed regularly to prevent you from having to call fire restoration experts for smoke cleanup. The manual that comes with your heater gives you instructions on the kind of filter it requires and how often it must be changed. Keep in mind that the more frequently you use it, the more often the filter will need to be replaced.

A burned space heater turns something that is meant for comfort into something potentially hazardous to your home. By observing safety tips and following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can enjoy the additional warmth it provides without worrying about the dangers.

House Fire - Pack Out

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

House fire took the roof off. Getting your content out in a situation like this is critical.

Pack Out

Leave all the work to SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin.  We will pack up all your personal belongs / content and move them out.  Whether it's a pack out from a Water, Fire and Mold job we can handle it. 

The most common reason for a pack out is a house fire and sometime a large water damage loss will require it.  For a house fire your contents needs to be packed up and moved to our facility for cleaning and deodorizing.  In addition it allows for the general contractor to make their repairs easier and quicker.  

At our warehouse we have the tools and products all at hand to clean your contents.  We have specialized tools such as an Ultrasonic cleaning line for your content and some electronics and Esporta Wash Sytem for you soft contents. 

We can clean most items in house.  For those items we can't clean or something that requires a specialist such as a piano we can handle all the arrangements if your prefer.  Maybe is a special rug and you have always had one particular company clean that rug, no problem just let us know. 

We are here to serve you.  

To see some of our job before and after photos Click Here

3 Reasons Security Fencing Secures Your Business After Fire Damage

8/20/2018 (Permalink)

Security fence is put up to ensure safety during cleanup

After a fire harms your commercial property, the damage stands to become worse. With the help of a security fence, your Austin, TX, business can be protected from this additional damage. A secure perimeter helps to benefit the recovery process in these three ways.

1. It Alerts Everyone the Building Is Unsafe

For safety, a barrier will visibly show that the building was compromised and should be avoided. There could still be confidential assets inside if the building is too dangerous to enter, and the items could be damaged or lost from unnecessary weight on a now weak structure.

The damage may not be visible from the outside, or on certain sides, and people could accidentally enter believing the business to still be open. Additionally, individuals who are not as innocuous, such as looters, have to cross an additional hurdle of a security fence to stop them from stealing or harming property.

2. Insurance Claims Benefit From a Perimeter

Insurance claims need proof that the damage was caused by the fire. An insurance company will launch its own investigation once the process starts.

When the insurance company sends an adjuster, he or she takes a tally of everything damaged and in need of repair. By you preserving the scene from outside influence, the building will remain damaged only by the fire. This is important because your insurance may not cover additional damage if proven to not be from the fire-related incident. Your insurance coverage often depends upon the area’s preservation.

3. It Creates an Easier Extended Cleanup Area

When using the services of a professional fire damage cleanup crew, restoration can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. With an extended timeframe, building security for cleanup employees to safely work helps them help you. With others kept away from the area, restoration can go on unimpeded.

A security fence benefits multiple stages of fire damage treatment. Insurers encourage them, and restoration crews appreciate an added layer of security. Your business protects itself from liability and speeds along the recovery process by using an enclosure.

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Grease Fire Safety Tips

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

Grease fire in Austin Texas

The oil in your pan starts to smoke at your home in Austin, TX. Your smoky dinner can quickly go from disappointing to devastating if the oil turns into a grease fire. These types of fire are extremely hot and spread fast, so know how to snuff the small fire before it turns into a whole house blaze.

1. Do not put water on the flames. Water and oil do not mix. When you pour water on a grease fire, the water turns into steam and pushes the oil and fire out of the pan. This causes the fire to spread.

2. Cut the fire off at the source. First, turn off the source of heat on the stovetop. Then, cut off the source of oxygen to the fire by putting a lid on the burning pot. If you do not have a metal lid nearby, use a baking sheet or a pan. Leave the lid on for an extended period of time so the fire does not reignite.

3. Dump baking soda or salt on the blaze. If you have a significant amount of baking soda on hand, pour it on the fire. Salt also works because of the high melting point. However, do not pour sugar, flour or baking powder on the fire. Not only do these powders not work, but they can make the fire worse.

4. Douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. Extinguishers are made for different types of fires. Keep a Class B or a combination extinguisher, such as Class ABC in your kitchen for emergencies. Class B is specifically designed for flammable liquids, such as oil and grease.

5. Call for help. Once the fire spreads beyond the stovetop, do not attempt to put it out yourself. Immediately evacuate and call 911.

When using oil in the kitchen, never leave your cooking unattended. If a grease fire starts at your home in Austin, TX, take immediate, appropriate action before it spreads. Sometimes you cannot contain the blaze alone. Trust the professionals to help. Call firefighters to douse the flames and a fire restoration specialist to lead the way in fire cleanup and repair.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Family and Your Home From Fire

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Example Home Fire Damage House Fire Loss in Austin

A home fire in Austin, Texas, is a concern for every family, and you should be prepared. There are four key fire preparation and fire safety measures that you should implement.

1. Install Smoke Alarms

Generally, the most important measure you can take is to have smoke alarms installed in your home. Alarms can serve as an early warning system. Place a smoke alarm on every level of your home and inside and outside each bedroom.

2. Maintain Your Smoke Alarms

Alarms are worthless if they aren’t working. As part of your fire preparation, replace the batteries once a year. Test your smoke alarms every month, and change batteries as needed. Make sure everyone knows the alarm sound and what to do if they hear it.

3. Establish Fire-Safe Habits

Make yours a smoke-free home. If you smoke, do so outside. Never smoke in bed or when impaired in any manner. Dispose of ashes and butts with water.

Do not ever leave burning candles unattended. Keep flammable items at least three feet away from space heaters or anything hot. Turn off portable heaters when you go to sleep or leave the room.

4. Have a Fire Safety Plan

Prepare a diagram of your home, and show each family member two ways to escape from each room. In the event of fire or an alarm, get low, go and stay out. Establish a family meeting spot outside your home away from the house. Additionally, specify one emergency contact for family members to contact if they are unable to locate other family members following a home fire.

Practice fire drills twice a year. Press the test button on your smoke alarm, and everyone should leave your home and go to the meeting spot.

Fire preparation is important for you and your family. If you have a fire, contact a restoration specialist for help.

Creating a Fire Escape Plan

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Creating a Fire Escape Plan

The best time to formulate a fire escape plan is before there is a fire. The following four steps can help prepare you and your family for the event you hope never happens.

Draw a Floor Plan With Escape Routes

Drawing a floor plan that shows two escape routes from every room can help people visualize how they will escape, depending on the location of the fire. Use both doors and windows as exit points. Assign a primary and backup adult to each person who may need help exiting the building. Floor plans can be posted on doors as reminders.

Choose an Outdoor Meeting Place

Make sure that everyone knows where to meet and immediately goes to that location after exiting the burning structure. The meeting place should be a safe distance away and can be included on the emergency escape plan drawing.

Memorize the Emergency Phone Number

All home occupants, including children, should memorize the Austin, Texas emergency phone number and be able to call for help. They should also know the street address to help emergency responders quickly find the location.


The American Red Cross shared in its Home Fire Escape Plan that there may be just two minutes to get to safety. The organization also recommends running fire drills using each escape route and timing them to make sure occupants can exit the building within that time frame. Test smoke alarms and make sure all occupants know how they sound. Practice crawling low to the ground as if there were smoke present, and make sure each person knows to stop, drop and roll if their clothing catches fire.

You hope it never happens, but you’re prepared in case it does. Save lives by having a fire escape plan and making sure the entire household knows how to exit the building quickly and call for help. Once everyone is safe, damage assessment and restoration efforts can begin. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Tips for Cleaning up After a Home Fire

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Cleaning up After a Home Fire

Your home in Austin, Texas is the place where your family gathers and makes memories. After a home fire, it is devastating to see the smoke damage to your once beautiful home. However, instead of reminiscing about the past, you have to get to work. After the local fire authorities say it’s safe to re-enter your home, there are a few things that increase the likelihood of successful restoration. Additionally, consult a local fire restoration company with experts in smoke cleaning who know how to handle soot damage.

1. Water Removal

Firefighters use large amounts of water to save your home from flames. Water removal is best left to the professionals as specialized knowledge and equipment is necessary to get the job done. A water pump and press extractor are the two basic items needed for removing water. The more power the water pump has, the better. With a press extractor, you might be able to save your carpets.

2. Categorizing

Next, you need to assess the smoke damage objectively and strategically. When going through your belongings, you don’t have time to get sentimental. Take photos of everything for the insurance company. Dump the cheap items and set aside the more expensive items if they are restorable. Do the same with furniture and carpets. If there’s water damage, it can be wise to just replace these items, as mold could get to them. Empty rooms to allow for a more accurate assessment of the structural damage.

3. Soot Removal

Part of smoke damage is soot, the black substance left by the smoke of the fire. The ideal cleaning agent is one that contains trisodium phosphate. To get the job done right, it’s recommended to let professionals deal with this. Restoration experts can also help you get rid of the smoke smell much more effectively than you would be able to with a box fan.

As devastating as a home fire in Austin, Texas is, it’s important to assess the damage and start the cleanup process early. Bear in mind these tips, and reach out to a restoration company for effective restoration of your home. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Preventing Further Fire Damage

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Preventing Further Fire Damage

Fire damage tragedies are an unfortunate, and depending on the severity of the disaster, fire damage restoration should start immediately after the fire truck puts out the flames. A fire cleanup company can prevent further damage after a fire in home as well as fire in business. They can eliminate the irritating smoke smell, and if they act fast, they can avert soot damage, which stains all surfaces. Restoration companies do more than fire cleanup. They play an essential role in the restoration no matter the size or location of the building.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies

Many building owners after experiencing commercial fire damage think they can do without the services of a professional restoration company and choose to undertake fire cleanup on their own. This is not advisable. Following a fire damage on the business premises, a restoration company can work with the authorities such as the fire department. They work together throughout the restoration period. Local authorities usually investigate the cause of the fire, after which the restoration company begins to board up the gaping holes in the roof and walls to prevent unwanted parties from gaining entry into the building.

Contact the Restoration Company

Do not be like the majority of people whose only concern is to put out the fire. Prevention is better than cure. Fire cleanup experts have 24/7 emergency contacts on their websites. Ensure to issue the expert’s and the fire department’s contacts to individuals living or working in the building. It is only when the restoration experts are on the ground after a fire in home or a fire in business is put out by the fire trucks, can they prevent severe soot damage in the premises. They work alongside the authorities to determine the cause of the fire in home or the fire in business. Commercial fire damage cleanup exercises then begin by dealing with the smoke smell.

Standard Fire Damage Cleanup Procedure

Standard procedure dictates that all properties that suffered the unfortunate event of the commercial fire damage be secured. The restoration company will board up the gaping holes left where the doors, windows, roof, and walls once stood, and continue the commercial fire damage cleanup process without prying eyes from passersby.
The restoration process continues by removing and disposing of the damaged furniture that cannot be reclaimed. It is the followed by fumigation of the house to remove the smoke smell. Failure to do this could mean that the building still reeks of smoke smell after the fire cleanup is complete. Smoke damage is evident on the carpets, curtains, furniture, and fabrics.

Soot damage is another thing to be worried about after a fire in home or business. The residue that settles on the surfaces such as counter-tops, bathtubs, and tabletops could cause irreversible staining. Ensure that the restoration company works fast to prevent permanent soot damage as well as smoke damage. Commercial fire damage restoration covering smoke damage as well as soot damage requires specialized equipment in the hands of professional and experienced restoration companies.

Fire cleanup after a fire in business will require the disposing of certain items. It is important to evaluate the state of every affected item by soot damage, smoke damage as well as those with a strong smoke smell. However, it is necessary to consult a professional as well as the investigating authorities. Sometimes the restoration after fire damage is forced to wait and the experts board up the property to allow for the completion of investigations and security reasons. The restoration team will have to board up the property and allow authorities to collect evidence then begin the fire damage restoration.

Now is the time to look for fire damage restoration companies. As the adage goes, plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Ensure that the building has proper equipment to extinguish the fire in strategic locations. It helps deal with the fire before it spreads and engulfs the entire building causing extensive commercial fire damage.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Tips for Effective Fire Damage Restoration

8/29/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Effective Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is one of the most traumatizing things that can happen to a home or other property owner. However, it is easier to manage the aftermath of the fire when you have the help of professional fire damage restoration experts. The aim of the restoration process is to assist you, and your business in going back to the state that it was in before the entire disaster happened. The restoration companies provide you with a combination of services whose aim is to bring the house back to the state it was in and the function that it served before the fire damage. Below are some tips and guidelines which can help when it comes to restoration.

Contacting the restoration company

When the firefighters have left, and indicated that the building is safe for re-entry, your next move should be contacting a restoration company. The competence of a restoration company is judged by among other things, the speed with which they react to emergency calls. They should be on the scene within at least an hour or two of contact so that they can do the board up and start the assessment and restoration.

The assessment process

The fire damage restoration company will look at some factors once they get into the place which suffered the fire in the home. These include:

• Assessing the level of smoke damage and soot damage that the house has suffered.

• Assess any associated commercial fire damage such as water damage from firefighting efforts.

• Determining whether the house needs board up services to protect it from intruders and support collapsed structures.

They will then come up with a mitigation and restoration action plan depending on their findings.

The fire cleanup process

After the board up has been done and a tarp has been placed on the roof, the fire damage restoration team starts the fire cleanup process. First, if water was used to extinguish the fire, they will extract in order to prevent further complications such as mold damage coming up. Then, the fire cleanup process will be focused on the smoke damage and soot damage in the home. Tarps will be placed on the floor to ensure that when the soot damage is being washed off the walls, it doesn’t stain the floor.

Dealing with smoke smell after fire damage is the next step. Smoke smell is usually left behind on surfaces and upholstery and even clothes. The restoration company will either perform the fire cleanup and deodorization to remove the smoke smell, or recommend someone who can do it. Note that taking your clothes to the regular dry cleaner after a fire could set the smoke smell in your clothes.

Fire in home restoration

When the smoke damage and soot damage has been resolved, the fire in home and fire in business restoration experts will start the fire damage restoration process. The commercial fire damage experts will remove the board up support, repaint the walls which were blackened and stained by the soot, replace the dry walls that got burned and reinstall doors and windows that could have been ruined by the fire in business. If the roof was affected by the fire, they will replace the affected parts or call in an expert to help you with the installation of a new roof.

In addition to the restoration, the commercial fire damage experts will recommend mitigation measures that will improve your preparedness for a fire in the future. For instance, they will help you install better quality smoke damage and fire alarms. They will also recommend the installation of extinguishers which could help in future in case a fire in business starts, and before it turns into a calamity.

Those are the things that you need to understand about fire in business, fire damage and the role of the restoration company in dealing with a fire in home or commercial fire damage. The competence of the restoration company you choose for fire damage restoration will determine your satisfaction with the process.
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DIY Fire Cleanup is Never a Good Idea

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

DIY Fire Cleanup is Never a Good Idea

Professional fire damage restoration is important after this disaster occurs at your property. Although it is tempting to handle the task of fire cleanup on your own, there are far too many risks and dangers to go it alone. Professionals ensure both your health and safety are maintained while getting your property back in operable condition. There are many other projects
suitable for a DIY gig, but this is one that is best left to the professionals.

Is DIY Fire Restoration for Fire Damage Okay?

DIY is great for many projects around the house, but fire damage isn't included on that list. You feel rewarded and accomplished after you've made a repair without any assistance from the professionals. But, fire cleanup is a job that demands the touch of a professional. A fire leaves a great amount of fire
damage behind, and it all must be properly cleaned before you're able to get on with life.

Smoke damage isn't removed from any surface easily. The fire damage restoration company has professional strength cleaners that reduce difficulty of removing the damage. What about soot damage? If you think smoke
damage is hard to remove, you haven't tried removing soot damage from the walls of a home. Professionals have the knowledge to remove smoke damage and soot damage with ease.

If you aren't careful, fire damage can cause issues that make it difficult to breath or cause other concerns. The smoke smell is enough to cause coughing and difficulty breathing for many people. If you want to avoid the smoke smell and potential damages it causes a professional fire cleanup company is one call away. They'll provide the fire damage restoration that you need, eliminating smoke smell and many other issue. Don't let the smoke smell bring you down!

Professionals work promptly to cleanup messes left behind after a fire in home or a fire in business. They understand the chaos that has erupted after a fire in business or a fire in home, and lend their shoulder to
you by providing a quick, efficient cleanup job at a great price. When professionals access the scene, you can rest assured the job is done the right way, the first
time around.

Board Up Service

Professionals board up windows and walls if the structure is unsafe to enter. This is true whether a fire in business or a fire in home. Board up is commonly performed after a fire. The board up should stay until the entire scene is cleaned. They remove soot and smoke, and salvage any items possible to save. It is disheartening to lose so much in a fire. Restoration companies strive to help you save more.

Choose a Fire Restoration Company

Choosing a restoration company for fire cleanup is the most important task at-hand after a fire. Many companies offer fire cleanup services, but some fail to provide efficient services. Avoid such a scenario and choose a restoration company that offers experience and expertise; a good reputation; competitive pricing; and who stands behind their work. If you need commercial fire damage cleanup, be sure to hire a company that specializes in this job.

You can learn more about the best companies with a quick Internet search. Furthermore, you can ask friends, family, and others for a reference to a great fire restoration company. Oftentimes word of mouth
provides the best results when you're looking for a great company, so do not be shy and ask a few people that you know.

Professional Restoration Services Needed

Fire damage restoration minimizes the aches and pains associated with residential or commercial fire damage. Professionals clean the area so you can get back to life as normally as possible after the unthinkable occurs. If you have a fire in home or a fire in business, professionals come to the rescue just in the knick of time. Commercial fire damage is just as easy to handle as residential cleanup, as long as a commercial fire damage company is hired. They clean the house, remove smoke damage, remove soot damage, and much more. Do not attempt a DIY cleanup job after a fair in your home or business when professionals are there to get the job done.
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Five Things That You Should Do If You Suffer Fire Damage

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Five Things That You Should Do If You Suffer Fire Damage

If there is fire damage and/or smoke damage at a home or business, the repair process can seem daunting. However, these five steps can start the repair process:

1. Don't Let The Soot Settle:

The soot damage can be just as serious as the fire damage. Luckily, soot damage is much less likely to occur if the soot isn't allowed to settle. Here are several steps to take to repair smoke damage:

Remove soot with soap and water. In some cases, it's possible clean off the outside of the house using a hose.
Get Rid Of Soot In The Air: A HEPA filter can ensure that fine particles of soot are removed from the air. A fan can also be used to blow soot particles out of the house.
Consider a dry cleaning sponge for certain surfaces.
Thoroughly launder bedding or linens that were in the house at the time of the fire.
Use a high efficiency vacuum to get rid of soot that has settled on carpets and floors.

Despite the fact that it's possible to begin to clean up soot damage on your own, always seek professional assistance for smoke damage in a home or commercial fire damage. Also, don't make hasty decisions when it comes to repairing the smoke damage. Improperly repairing smoke damage can cause serious damage to a home.

2. Take Steps To Minimize The Smoke Smell:

The smoke smell can linger in the air for weeks. Getting rid of it can be much more difficult than repairing soot damage. One way to reduce the smoke smell somewhat is to use a deodorizer. In addition, an air purifier may help to reduce the smoke smell considerably. This is particularly important for those who suffer a fire in business.

3. Restore The Structure:

If there is a fire in home or fire in business, one of the most important parts of fire damage restoration is fixing any structural issues. While some structural damage from a fire in home or fire in business may be immediately apparent, some damage is harder to detect. However, these subtle forms of structural damage from a fire in home or fire in business can wreak havoc on the building. Therefore, it is essential to have the structure inspected following the fire. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to repair structural damage to a home or commercial fire damage that's structural in nature.

4. Get Professional Assistance:

It's important that to professional assistance after a fire in home. Fire damage restoration experts will be able to be able to ensure that no important parts of the repair process are neglected. Furthermore, fire damage restoration services are often covered by your home insurance company.

Always make sure that customers have had good experiences with the fire cleanup company. Furthermore, make sure that the professional(s) are certified by the IIRC. The IIRC is well known for certifying professionals that restore homes that have suffered fire damage. In addition, ensure that the company has been in business for a long period of time. For those who suffer commercial fire damage, it's important to find a company that specializes in repairing commercial fire damage.

5. Inform Your Insurance Company:

Fire damage restoration services are often covered by home insurance plans, and it is essential to contact a insurance company immediately following the fire damage. While some home insurance companies may not cover the whole cost of fire cleanup, they still are likely to cover a portion of the fire cleanup cost. Many home insurance companies allow customers to contact them 24/7 by telephone or contact with them via online chat. Damage will be more severe if the fire cleanup is delayed.
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What Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Entail: Services Offered

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What Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Entail: Services Offered

Fire does not discriminate. It is, therefore, practically part of life to experience a fire in home or business incidences. However, experiencing it first hand and watching your home or property go up in flames can be a traumatizing affair. Sometimes after the fire damage, even looking at what you once called home is unbearable. With most of your prized and sentimentally valuable possessions torn apart, gaping wall holes and an undying smoke smell, it is understandable why you would call for professional help in fire cleanup.
However, before engaging the services of any of the commercial fire restoration experts available, it is advisable that you first consider what an ideal fire, soot damage, and smoke damage cleanup mean to them. Here is a breakdown of some of the most basic services that should be included in a fire in business or home cleanup process on fire damage restoration.

1. Fire damage cleanup

In the aftermath of a fire in business or home, most of the salvaged household items and furniture are either waterlogged or soot damaged. The walls and ceilings are especially the most affected. A professional fire cleanup exercise, therefore, involves combing of any traces of soot damage from the house interior as well as from the households and office furniture not severed by the fire.
A qualified team of fire damage cleaners can relieve you the emotional pain you would have to endure should you consider handling the cleanup personally. With experience, they have also mastered impressive smoke damage and soot damage skills that restore your items to their original state before the damage.

2. Odor removal

One of the most painful reminders of the fire damage ordeal is the smoke smell that hangs long after the fire has been put off. A good fire damage restoration expert understands this and uses every means necessary to eradicate the smoke smell. You would be pleased to know that they do not just deodorize the premise; they trace the smoke smell source and eradicate it from there, especially for commercial fire damage.

3. Demolition and disposal of building materials and reconstructions

Watching sections or your entire home or office fall to rubble after a fire in home or business incident, though sometimes necessary, can be devastating. A good reconstruction company understands this and, therefore, carries out demolition process selectively while trying to maintain the structural integrity of the home or business. In most cases, if you so wish, the company can also offer reconstruct the house and accessorize it to its pre-fire in business or home appeal.

4. Pressure washing the building and sidewalks

Fire cleanup and damage restoration would never be complete without pressure washing the floors and adjacent street sidewalks after commercial fire damage. These suffer the blunt of the fire damage as most of the burning debris from the fire in home fall on the house floor and outside on the sidewalks. While the two might not catch fire, they suffer soot and smoke damage with lots of burnt debris heaving up on them. These can only be cleaned through the high pressure washing. After the cleanup, commercial fire damage restoration experts are able to determine the magnitude of their damage and recommend an appropriate reconstruction course after the commercial fire damage caused by fire in business.

5. Reconstruction of plumbing fixtures

Sometimes commercial fire damage might have affected the entire building but the heat it generates can have a severe impact on the usually plastic or synthetic plumbing pipes behind the walls. What happens when a smoke and soot damage reconstruction company hurriedly cleans up the place and repaints without taking into consideration loose plumbing fixtures that are either too weak to hold much pressure or are already leaking? They leave the restoration process half-finished. Therefore, when settling on a fire cleanup or a commercial fire damage restoration company, pick an outfit with a proven track record of attention to detail.

Surviving a fire in home or business can be quite agonizing. That’s the reason you need a competent fire in business damage restoration company to help you get your premises back in order. The preferred company should be able to offer stellar fire cleanup services that include soot and smoke damage restoration as well as a permanent solution in the eradication of the smoke smell.
The Steps to Take After Water Damage Occurs
Flood damage, a burst pipe, or any other form of water in the home or water in the business calls for immediate action. Many home and business owners mistakenly assume they can handle whatever water damage occurs in small doses on their own, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Water in the home or water in the business is dangerous no matter the source. Many assume flood damage is all that requires immediate water cleanup and restoration. It’s all damage from water that requires immediate mitigation. The smallest ongoing leak is enough to cause more water damage than most people realize, and it requires the assistance of professional water cleanup, restoration, and mitigation services. If any homeowner or business owner finds water in the home or business, there are proper steps to take to ensure water cleanup and the drying process are handled accordingly.

Call for Help

No amount of water damage is safe. Water in the home and water in the business in any amount is dangerous, and it can lead to much larger problems. To sum it up rather quickly, any amount of water damage can cause mold to form almost immediately. Mold only needs a few hours to spread rapidly, and leaving the water cleanup too long can result in the immediate need to replace walls, floors, and it can cause thousands of additional dollars in damage. Once a homeowner finds water in the home or a business owner finds water in the business, it’s time to call for professional drying services and remediation.

Turn Off Electricity

One of the biggest mistakes anyone makes when they find water in the home or water in the business is walking in without proper permission. The restoration and mitigation process must wait until there is no power in the building. Standing water and electricity are not a good mixture, and it’s imperative the power is turned off prior to anyone entering a building with any water.


Immediately after calling for professional mitigation, it’s necessary home and business owners begin the cleanup process. Water cleanup cannot wait, and the drying process must begin immediately. When it’s safe to enter a home or business with water damage, home and business owners must begin removing their personal belongings. The best place to put them is in a garage or on a driveway where they have a chance to begin the drying process.

One tip for all home and business owners to remember is they should not remove their own flooring or walls until professionals arrive. This is a job left to the professionals, and it might turn out it’s not even necessary. This is why it’s imperative to call for help to find out what must be done and in what order.

Call Insurance

Homeowners and business owners must call their insurance company as soon as flood damage or other water damages their home or office. An adjuster must come out to assess the damage to file a claim to get financial help your way sooner rather than later. It’s important to call for mitigation first, but it’s also important everyone remembers to call their insurance agent next. If there is storm damage, it might mean waiting a little longer than usual to get an adjuster on site as many other homes and businesses might also require extensive water cleanup.

There is no time to wait to seek water restoration and cleanup following a storm, a burst pipe, or even sewage backup. It takes very little time for a simple leak to cause so may expensive problems it leaves home and business owners in shock. Call immediately, and do nothing until professionals give the green light to enter a building when any flood damage or other damage has occurred in a home or in an office. It's imperative homeowners and business owners follow these strict instructions. for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

If you have fire damage in your home or business, it's essential to call in fire damage restoration professionals. They know exactly what to do to properly address fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage and serious issues like air quality degradation. Plus it's important to act quickly. Sometimes the water used to put out fire in home or fire in business or to limit commercial fire damage can become a breeding ground for mold. This can lead to dangerous health problems. That's why it's essential to call in a licensed fire damage restoration company as soon as possible after there's a fire in home or a fire in business.

Once the fire in your home or business is out and you're sure everyone is safe, you should contact your insurance company. They can provide guidance on what steps to take to get your fire loss, soot damage and smoke damage addressed. Whether you had a fire in home, fire in business or suffered commercial fire damage, following the proper fire cleanup process is essential. Your insurance company can suggest a number of licensed, experienced, reputable fire cleanup companies to begin taking care of any fire damage, smoke damage or soot damage you may have. They will also test the air quality and let you know when it's safe to return.

When you have a fire in home, fire in business or commercial fire damage, it's essential to deal with licensed, experienced fire cleanup companies. They have the necessary tools, equipment and specially trained personnel to quickly and effectively assess and repair fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, commercial fire damage and air quality issues. Many insurance companies will not cover the cost of fire cleanup if it's not handled by a licensed, certified fire damage cleanup company. Repairing commercial fire damage or damage caused by fire in home or fire in business can leave people in financial ruin if the insurance company does not cover those costs.

If it is not handled properly, even a seemingly minor fire in home or fire in business can be an unmitigated disaster. The fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage can lead to air quality issues or more costly repairs if not handled quickly and properly. The smell of smoke can permeate walls and furnishings and end up requiring extensive and expensive work to address it. Your fire loss can end up being a lot greater than necessary if the fire cleanup is not done right. Many unscrupulous people attempt to prey on home or business owners that have suffered a fire loss. Make sure you are not one of them. Only deal with licensed, reputable fire loss companies.

The decisions you make in the hours immediately after you suffer a fire loss will decide how well and how soon the repairs will be made, the air quality in the structure will be safe enough for you to return and how much of your repair and restoration costs your insurance company will cover. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How A Fire Restoration Company Can Help

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How A Fire Restoration Company Can Help

A fire in the home or office can be the most devastating experience that a person ever has. In only a few seconds, a homeowner or business owner could go from having everything, to seeing his dreams go up in smoke. Fortunately, there are some steps a person can take to recover from fire damage in the home or fire damage in a business. These four steps can help someone pick himself up and recover after fire damage.

Appreciate the Positive About a Fire in the Home

It can be hard for a person to accept that he is a victim of fire damage. However, one should try to take this time to think about what could have happened from a fire in the home or a fire in the business. The person should be thankful for his life and happy that his family and employees didn't die in the fire in the business. Keeping a positive mindset can help a person to prevent depression about the fire loss.

Accept Change and Adjust

Once the fire loss victim realizes that everything in life has changed, he should accept it. Part of growing and developing maturity is accepting unfortunate incidents like smoke damage or fire in the business. The victim will have to adjust to the way that the fire in the home or the fire in the business has changed life. Fortunately, survival from fire loss is possible with the help of a reliable commercial fire damage company.

Smoke Damage Help

The smell of smoke can be a devastating reminder of everything that happened in the fire loss. However, licensed and trained professionals can remove all traces of smoke damage by using specialized equipment specially designed for soot damage and smoke damage. They can use high-quality chemicals to make the commercial property or home like it was when the person bought it.

General Fire Cleanup

General fire cleanup consists of smoke damage help, soot damage assistance and all the side work that has to be done to restore the home to excellent condition. Commercial fire damage help includes trash dumping, floor cleaning and other tasks. A reliable fire damage company usually has many team members who can work together to help a soot damage victim restore his or her life after a fire in the home or a fire in the business.

Air Quality Improvement

Fires destroy air quality in addition to causing soot damage. The air quality will need to be improved a great deal after a fire loss. An experienced commercial fire damage team can use air quality filters and the equipment to enhance the air should the soot damage victim decide to move back into the property.

How to Get Help With Fire Cleanup

Victims can contact a fire cleanup crew or a commercial fire damage company by calling or sending a short form. The person should first conduct some investigations to make sure that the company has a positive reputation, fair pricing and respectable policies about its work. The person can then schedule an appointment for a quote as soon as he finds a provider that he feels comfortable using to improve the air quality. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Handling a Fire Loss in Austin, TX

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Handling a Fire Loss in Austin, TX            
            The fun and excitement in life often fade away so fast when
one is caught with a fire damage disaster in Austin, TX. Unfortunately
for fire accidents – just like many other accidents – they do not give a
 warning before they happen for one to prepare themselves. Beyond being
caught unawares, the damages that follow are great. If the home or
premises is not brought to the ground completely, those items that
people treasure the most are always destroyed by the fire. If the fire
has not touched them, then the smoke, soot, or water damage from the
fire does not spare them. Soot damage, smoke damage, and water damage
are equally destructive to the home.

Fire damages always cause huge financial implications; especially if
their Hyde Park home or premises was not insured against fire. The cost
of bringing the property back to its feet is always very high. In fact,
some of the items destroyed cannot even be replaced. In case it is
business premises, a fire would mean a close in business for weeks or
even months translating to massive losses. There is, also, the aspect of
 emotional disorientation that comes with such a calamity.
What to do next

In case one is faced with this unfortunate event, it is important that
fire cleanup process commences immediately to get rid of the smoke
damage, soot damage, and water damage from fire. One can actually be
able to recover some valuable items from the destroyed property. There
are a number of things one could observe to ensure that they get back on
 their feet as soon as possible.

The first thing one should do as soon as possible is to contact the
people at the insurance company. If one’s home had an insurance cover
for a fire loss, then it is key that they should not assume that the
insurance company will automatically know the situation they are in or
someone else will contact them informing them of the same.

The next thing for one to do is to contact family and friends to inform
them of what has happened to them. This is very important as one can get
 massive help, financial and emotional support and a place to stay in
the meantime in Austin, Texas: especially if one has a family. The
support of family and friends can go a long way in ensuring that once
recovers emotionally. The weight of such a loss can be quite heavy.

While one might be tempted to try salvage some of the property by
themselves, it is important that they get in touch with a fire damage
restoration company to handle the fire cleanup process. Such companies
are very important especially if one has a big home or in case the
smoke, the soot, and the water damage is quite extensive. While there
are many companies that serve Hyde Park and the entire of Texas, it is
best if one seeks the services of a company recommended to them by their
 insurance company. Actually, most insurance companies will cover the
cost of the restoration services offered by the company.

The importance of a restoration company cannot be emphasized further.
Besides the fast response and their ability to handle a fire disaster of
 any magnitude, they have the right workforce to handle the situations
effectively. A reliable company is one that has qualified, certified,
and experienced technicians. They will be able to handle the assessment
process and handle the restoration process in the most effective way
possible, especially damage from smoke, soot, and water.

Smoke damage can ruin many items in the home. Besides the damage to
items, it causes the air quality in the home to deteriorate. The same
applies to soot damage. It gives the home a terrible look and an equally
 digestive feel when touched. Such damages may not be effectively
handled when one does the restoration by themselves. However, with a
trustworthy restoration company, they will be able to handle the
restoration process effectively ensuring that these damages are
countered in the most efficient way possible. Water damage caused by
fire, if not handled effectively can, also, lead to home damage and mold
 growth. This aspect is, also, effectively handled with a restoration
company. At the end after the restoration, the air quality, the look,
and the feel of the home will be better.

One should start a claim with their insurance company immediately.
Insurance claims will help you get back on your feet without significant
 financial implications. It is important that one keeps all their
receipts in a safe place that is less vulnerable to fire. The receipts
should be detailed and have a record of all the items to ease the claim

One might want to save as many items as possible from the fire. It is
not uncommon for the insurance company to not cover the cost of the
restoration if they determine some form of irregularity in the causes of
 the fire that may breach the terms of coverage. As a precautionary
measure, one could make an effort to salvage as many items as possible
so that in case such a situation happens to them with their insurance
company, they have something to start with in their rebuilding process.

While the home can be restored quite fast, the emotional aspect of it
can be quite difficult to overcome. Helplessness, deep sadness, despair,
 disorientation, and a loss of routine are some of the emotional hurdles
 that people have to face when they experience a fire. While family and
friends play an important role in ensuring that one does not drown in
depression, counseling in one of the best means of overcoming the
emotional disorientation. In case one has children, children reassurance
 can go a long way in ensuring their recovery. Always assure them that
you have each other to give them hope.

After the restoration process and everything being back to normal, it is
 important that one renews their insurance cover and if they had no
insurance cover in case of a fire, they should make a point to insure
their TX home. Insurance ensures that after such a calamity, it is much
easier to get back on one’s feet. Visit for more information on fire damage.

First steps upon fire damage to your home

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House Fire - Make the best of it

Hopefully you never have a fire in your home; but if you do suffer a Fire Loss what first steps should you take??  First, Call your insurance agent and ask about your ALE (additional living expenses).   This is the portion of your policy that will pay for your living arrangements during a loss if you cannot continue to live in your home during the remediation process. 

Second, collect important documents.  Only enter the structure if it is safe and do not disturb the  source area of the fire.  Hopefully you know what all you will want to remove. Other things to consider:  most restoration vendors will not take guns, fine jewelry, ammunition, etc.  You may need to make arrangements for these things to be stored and or cleaned separate from the restoration vendor.  Talk to your vendor and see. 

In general getting started on the clean-up from a major fire is not an absolute emergency - take your time in choosing a vendor for the clean-up that you are comfortable with!

Keep  positive outlook and be patient.  Things will be back to normal again and all the sooner if you keep a good outlook and work with all parties involved.

We here at SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin are always here to help.  Just give us a call.

Fire loss - preparing to be away from home for an extended time

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Fire Loss

Many residential structure fires require the homeowners to live elsewhere while the repairs to the home are made.  This is not only stressful, but can be challenging when trying to consider what might be needed.  The following is our suggestions for a long term (more than 2 weeks) term:  A "season" of clothing should be processed by the textile vendor as "quick turnaround" which is usually only a few days.


In a heavy soot fire, mattresses and box springs are also generally replaced.  As for hard content such as dishes and flatware - the content vendor can usually also do a quick turn here and get at least a kitchen back to fully functional in a week as well.

Upholstery and furniture generally takes a bit longer - which is why we suggest a furnished home or apartment to be rented if possible, and most homeowners policies can easily cover such expense. 

Give SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin a call, we can assist will all your needs.

Content Storage for your Fire and Smoke Damaged Home

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Stack Rack and Vaults

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin is buying more equipment to better serve our customers.  When a house is damaged by fire or heavy smoke we often pack the house out.  That is right we pack everything up and move it to our shop for cleaning and storage. 

We do this because we can clean your smoke damged content better at our facilities and the contractor needs the room to work. 

So what do we do with it all after we clean it?  We store your content in large wooden vaults and stack racks.  We discovered these stack racks a couple years ago and we love them.  They stack efficiently when full and very neat and efficient when empty.  The vaults take up the same area regardless if they are full or empty. 

We just made another purchase of and now have over 250 of these stack rack.  We even store some or stuff on them to keep things somewhat tidy around here.  

Esporta Wash Systems

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Esporta 4000

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin is your one stop shop for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration.  Not only can we handle your structure and content cleaning we can now handle you Textiles.  We have expanded our cleaning division and purchased an Esporta Systems.  The system is a unique patented technology that is setting the standard for textiles and soft content cleaning.  It is 5 times more effective that traditional laundry with less water consumption.   

We clean contaminated clothing from fires, floods, and mold jobs in this machine.  It also meets or exceeds all National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA ) standards for cleaning Fireman's PPE.

Items such as leather jackets, shoes, hats can be cleaned and salvaged where in the past they were often considered non salvageable and tossed in the dumpster. 

We believe this machine will soon be a necessity for all cleaning and restoration companies.  

Cheryl - video from SERVPRO convention

Fire Damage tips- Food and Medications

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One of the more common concerns after a large house fire is should the food and medications be disposed of.  As a structure burns any number of contaminants is added into the environment.  Many of which are not only toxic to inhale, but to ingest as well.  So anything the smoke has come in contact would be of concern. 

When heavy smoke and soot is present it is common to dispose of all food.  This would included air tight sealed packages as well as canned goods.  This is due to the exposure of heat.  Bathroom items such as all makeup, toothpaste and medications should be disposed of as well.

Contamination and heat exposure levels are difficult to determine and therefore make it very difficult to determine the salvageablity of these items.  Your health is just not worth the risk. 

Make sure to work with an industry professional like SERVPRO of Hyde Park/ Central Austin if you ever sustain fire or smoke damage.

Fire and smoke damage can be catastrophic

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Heat melting plastics

The soot and smoke damage is the obvious part; and the odor is of course noticeable even from outside a heavily damaged structure. Water damage from the fire department is not nearly as noticeable but can be just as devastating. but it is heat damage that requires a trained eye, and a highly experienced assessor to address.  There isn't much in the way of mitigation when it comes to heat damage; once it's done it's done! It's restore vs replace from start to finish.   Food and medications are chemically altered. Makeup is generally ruined as well. As you can see in the photo plastics are re-shaped, and even dense substrates can be stretched or even compressed.  Heat damage is yet another reason to consult with SERVPRO(r) of Hyde Park/ Central Austin.   Check out our Before and After Photos  

Ultrasonic Cleaning System now at local SERVPRO in Austin

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Here is our line up waiting for it's next Fire and Soot Clean Up

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin has added an Ultrasonic Cleaning Line to their cleaning network.

Ultrasonic cleaning has been around for quite some time.  These machine are great for cleaning intricate items where one can't access for a good thorough cleaning that is needed in Fire and Soot clean up. 

Perfect example you are probably familiar with is at the jewelry store when they clean the diamond ring.  Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to get under the diamond and prongs where they can't access with other cleaning methods. 

We have not and probably will never clean a diamond ring in our Ultrasonic machine but the principles are the same.  Figurines and crystal are among some of the common items that are a perfect match for the Ultrasonic system. 

A bonus for the SERVPRO crew is using the ultrasonic machine to clean all the washable content.  We get a better final clean result with less handling.

  To see some of our job before and after photos Click Here