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The Cleanup Process After Discovering Mold

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

The Cleanup Process After Discovering Mold

Molds are a common problem in many commercial and residential buildings across the country. The often leave a smelly odor in the houses where they grow, and deodorization is necessary. Places that are commonly affected by mold damage include framings, walls, carpets, tackles, and strips. One can notice them through their smelly odor and a powdery white fore. The growth of mildew and fungus is mostly caused by excessive moisture. Homeowners who are affected by this problem need to seek professional help from commercial mold damage experts who can help in remediation to prevent further contamination.

Mold removal needs to be done correctly to avoid more damage. The growth of fungus and mildew can be controlled by using fungicides and cleaning the area to stop their future development. Individuals who do not wish to hire commercial mold damage professionals to help in the mitigation of molds in a home can follow the following steps.

1. Checking for the Presence of Fungus and Molds.

Homeowners need to carry out a thorough inspection to find mildew in any visible and hidden spaces. A humidity meter, moisture meter, and hygrometer can be used in detecting the presence of molds in invisible areas. Individuals can also notice their smelly odor. The first step towards mitigation is determining that places that are infested.

2. Containing the molds.

The parts that are infested should be covered with a plastic bag that is about 6mm thick prevent the movement of spores, which may contaminate the rest of the house. This step is crucial in remediation to avoid more damage, which may lead to the hiring of commercial mold damage professional.

3. Covering the Body to Avoid Contamination.

Anyone conducting mold removal needs to be covered with a breathing mask that has excellent organic vapor filters (P 100). One should also be in vinyl gloves, a protective body suit, and boots.

4. Utilize Proper Enzymes in Treatment.

The most common enzyme that is used in mold mitigation is Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution (SDS). The chemical can either be sprayed or use a fogging machine to fog the entire building. SDS is one of the leading disinfectant cleaners that have gained the approval of the U.S Environment Protection Agency. It is the best for mitigation of bacteria, fungi, and mold damage by hindering their development.

5. Clean using a Vacuum Cleaner.

Cleaning using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) scrubbers is essential after spraying enzymes. The HEPA machine exerts a negative pressure that helps in collecting fungus and mold spore. One can also seek help from commercial mold damage professionals if it was difficult to find a HEPA vacuum.

6. Physically eliminating the Molds.

Mold damage that is visible on surfaces can be removed by using equipment such as sanding blocks and wire brushes. Carpeting and curtains can be washed if one feels that the mold damage that has been caused in not serious.

7. Dump all the Moldy Stuff Well.

Infested household commodities and other material should be well-disposed after mold removal. They can be carried in a thick sealed plastic bag. The bag’s exterior should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide to avoid contaminating other parts of the house during transportation. This prevents future growth of the mold in a home.

8. Covering Timber with Paint.

After eliminating molds in a home, all wood surfaces that are exposed should be painted and coated with latex enamel paint. The last layer of paint should be mixed with a fungicide such as Tim-Bor, which eliminates mildew and insects. The smelly odor that is left in the room can be removed through deodorization.

9. Ensure HVAC Ducts are cleaned.

The presence of molds in a home leads to contamination of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Cleaning the HVAC Ducts ensures that there is proper air circulation, and therefore, prevents smelly odors. Disinfection and deodorization should also be conducted as a remediation precaution.

The above procedure of mold removal and remediation can be helpful for people who want to ensure that their houses are free of mildew and fungi. Deodorization of houses can be done using citrus aromas.
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Indoor Air Quality - HVAC Duct Cleaning

7/20/2016 (Permalink)

Does our HVAC Air Filter look like this

We all know the single most important thing you can do to prolong your vehicle's life is changing the oil.  Vacuuming and regular air filter changes would be consider about the same as changing the oil in your car.  But what about other maintenance? The coolant system, brakes, transmission are all important right?.  There is a similarity in the air quality of your home as well.  Routine air duct cleaning is among one of those a home owner should consider.

We are asked to look at a lot of homes where the chief complaint is "we always seem to be sick" and they suspect its mold.  Usually there is no mold visibly present, and no musty odors to be found.  What can however be observed is two dogs, carpet that doesn't even know what a vacuum is, dust covered ceiling fans and window sills and a HVAC return vent with half an inch of hair, dust, and general house get the idea.

General housekeeping procedures say you should have your air ducts cleaned every 3-7 years depending on building occupancy and use.  If you have five dogs, two cats, three kids and live in 2000 square foot home you may want to clean your ducts every year.  What is worse, prolonged build up becomes more and more difficult to remove and aggressive cleaning can result in collateral damage to the ducts themselves.

Don't wait until it is too late to keep your indoor air quality under control,  Call SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin today.

Burglary and Cleanup, Lake Travis

1/19/2016 (Permalink)

If you look closely you can see the fine finger print dust on the stainless railing, the table as well and on the floor in front of the bed.

Local SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin was called out to clean finger print dust. 

Austin, TX, Boats burglarized on Lake Travis.  Burglars broke into 5 large boats at local marina.  They cause 1000's of dollars in damage gaining entry and took 1000's of dollars in personal belongings from the boat owners.

Police investigation involved questioning owners and finger printing of one boat where the Burglars settled in eating and drinking the boat owners food.

SERVPRO of Hyde Park / Central Austin a local restoration company known for Biohazard / Trauma Scene Cleanup and Disaster Restoration was called out.  SERVPRO routinely cleans up fire and smoke losses and dries out water damage home and commercial buildings.   Many people don't know who to look for when it comes to uncommon yet challenging cleanup like finger print dust.   Finger print dust is not something your general house cleaner should attempt.  Save yourself some time and call out the professionals,  SERVPRO.

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